Breakaway Poles for highway applications

Breakaway Light Poles - Engineered Composite Safety

Required in some highway applications, breakaway light poles are designed to break on impact

Carsonite has introduced a line of Breakaway Light Poles for use near roadways and in other applications where vehicular impacts are likely. The poles are designed to break on impact, reducing the likelihood and the severity of injuries to the vehicle’s passengers.

Required in certain highway projects, the new poles are made of fiberglass reinforced composites, with special attention given to UV resistance for long life and superior weather tolerance. The poles are available in a range of colors, and in 25 to 40 foot mounting heights, with or without arms and other accessories.

The company has published a catalog and engineering guide for the Breakaway poles, so that project managers can select poles according to wind ratings, load weights, and the required effective projected area (EPA) for luminaires and other attachments.

All Carsonite Breakaway Composite Poles have been accepted per the 1985 AASHTO Breakaway Specifications by the Federal Highway Administration.

Carsonite Breakaway composite poles are available now, in either Anchor Base or Direct Burial style. The Direct Burial poles mount directly into the ground, eliminating the expense of pouring concrete foundations. For more information, just call Carsonite.

Carsonite is a leading U.S. manufacturer of composite products for highway and work zone safety. Carsonite invented the flexible highway delineator post, and now offers drivable and surface-mounted delineators, the noise-reducing AcoustaShield, surface-mounted channelizers, and the Modular Guidance System for work zones, as well as mileposts, visibility enhancers, reflective sheeting, decals, signs, and other safety accessories. Carsonite is a brand of Valmont Composite Structures.