Carsonite breakaway light poles

Breakaway Light Poles


Carsonite breakaway light poles for added roadway safety

Patented technology for reduced impact hazard

Designed to reduce injuries in the event of vehicular impact, Carsonite breakaway poles are specially designed so they'll break off and fly over a vehicle that strikes them, minimizing danger to the vehicle's occupants. They are required per AASHTO standards of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) in certain applications near roadways..

With decades of expertise in manufacturing high quality composite products for roadway safety, Carsonite offers time-proven composite product designs and a colorful spectrum of coatings which deliver an attractive solution for highway and street safety lighting.

  • Fiberglass reinforced composite construction
  • Wide choice of color, including architectural colors, or any color can be matched
  • Superior environmental tolerances
  • Non-conductive for safety
  • Weather and UV-resistant polyurethane coating
  • Molded-in color and UV inhibitors