Carsonite delineators take high-speed hits

Carsonite delineators take high-speed hits, come back for more

Drivable, flexible, and surface-mounted composite delineators

Carsonite offers drivable flexible and surface-mounted composite delineators for a wide range of highway applications.

Carsonite drivable products have become the industry standard as permanent, flexible roadside markers with unparalleled service cycles. The unique three-rail design of The Roadmarker™ withstands high-speed vehicle impact on straightaways. Curv-Flex™ delineators - designed for on/off ramps, curves, and high-impact areas - handle direct tire impacts with unsurpassed flexibility. The Survivor™, manufactured from recycled material, resists impacts of up to 65 mph. Carsonite’s Hazard Marker™ unit enables both the post and sign to flex on impact. Dual-sided mileposts, boundary markers, and special introductory kits are also available.

Carsonite surface-mounted delineators are easy to install, and they meet or exceed MUTCD requirements. The Super Duck™ withstands vehicle impacts with a unique support-rod design that transfers impact stress into a flexible boot. The Channelizer™ is a two-way, two-lane delineator that reduces worker exposure time with easy installation and replacement. The Island Sentry™ provides long-term marking of median islands where high target values are required. Special introductory kits are available.

Carsonite is a leading U.S. manufacturer of composite products for highway and work zone safety. Carsonite invented the flexible highway delineator post, and now offers drivable and surface-mounted delineators, the noise-reducing AcoustaShield, surface-mounted channelizers, and the Modular Guidance System for work zones, as well as mileposts, visibility enhancers, reflective sheeting, decals, signs, and other safety accessories. Carsonite is a brand of Valmont Composite Structures.