Carsonite model CTS Test Stations

Carsonite Test Stations


Carsonite Test Stations - durable polycarbonate products

Easy, terminal access. Available with or without a Carsonite LineMarker Post

Carsonite test stations provide test points for monitoring electric currents and potentials. Our test stations, with twist on/off closing feature, allow easy access to talk terminals, alarm terminals, pressure monitors, resistors, gas valves, ground bonds, and surge arrestor terminal blocks.

Choose from 1-hole cathodic boards or 8-hole telecom boards. These durable polycarbonate test stations are available in yellow, orange, blue and red and can be fitted onto Carsonite’s 3.5-inch O.D. posts.

CTS model standard colors and lengths

Post Color Standard Lengths (in.)
01-White 72, 84, 96
02-Yellow 72, 84, 96
04-Orange 72, 84, 96