Carsonite model CCSM Campsite Marker

Recreation Campsite Marker


Carsonite Campsite Marker

Low-cost, dual-sided for campsites, picnic areas, etc.

For high visibility and easy identification, the Carsonite Campsite Marker is the perfect choice. This three-rail design combines structural integrity with above-ground flexibility, as well as protection for decals.

The marker is also highly resistant to vandalism. Anchors (sold separately) make it virtually impossible to remove the markers without proper equipment.

The reflective site identification decal is included. Custom decals are available, and can be applied to the metal slider - up to 6" long. Add your logo, name or any message. Carsonite will apply decals at our factory to save you time and money.

Campsite Marker - model CCSM - downloads:
CCSM catalog sheet

CCSM model standard colors and lengths

Post Color Standard Lengths (in.)
01-White 66, 72
03-Brown 66, 72