Carsonite model CVE visibility enhancer sleeve

Utility Visibility Enhancer


Carsonite Visibility Enhancer sheeting for improved utility marker safety

360-degree sleeve

Convert Carsonite’s flat fiberglass composite markers to 360-degree posts by adding a Visibility Enhancer™. Easily retrofitted in the field, the enhancers fit Carsonite’s Road Marker™ (CRM), Dual Sided (CIB), and Tuff Flex™ Markers (CTFM). Available in white, yellow, or orange. The sheeting area is 17in high.

Visibility Enhancer - model CVE - downloads:
CVE catalog sheet
CVE installation instructions

CVE model standard colors and lengths

Enhancer Color Standard Lengths (in.)
01-White 21
02-Yellow 21
04-Orange 21