Carsonite Flexible Fence Systems

Flexible Fencing for Work Zone Safety, Visibility


Carsonite flexible fencing system provides enhanced visibility

Highly visible safety fencing

Carsonite flexible safety fencing is designed for use in work zone areas and along parks and sports fields. It’s highly visible, and can be installed in an easily removable configuration. The fence and Carsonite's composite posts literally bend over backwards to absorb energy, bouncing back to protect again.

This fencing provides a durable, highly visible, cost-effective means of defining field limits, and helps prevent injuries when impacted by players in mid stride. Also excellent for cordoning off construction sites and work areas, the flexible fencing easily mounts to wood or metal posts. For extra visibility and safety, use Carsonite’s bright orange composite posts.

Flexible Fence Systems - downloads:
Flexible Safety Fencing PDF