Carsonite model CLM LineMarker

Utility LineMarker


Carsonite LineMarker provides excellent visibility

Dome top LineMarker with Visibility Enhancer
and T-anchor

The Carsonite LineMarker™ has a 3.5-inch diameter post with a 3.75-inch diameter domed enhancer for maximum visibility. White, yellow and orange are standard; other colors are available. The LineMarker is supplied with a T-anchor for protection against removal by vandals. Ideal for marking underground utilities and rights of way.

CLM is supplied with a Visibility Enhancer™ and a T-anchor. The Enhancer can be Yellow (02), Orange (04), Red (05) or Blue (08), and 18-inches or 24-inches in length.

LineMarker - model CLM - downloads:
CLM catalog sheet
CLM installation instructions

CLM model standard colors and lengths

Post Color Standard Lengths (in.)
01-White 72, 84, 96
02-Yellow 72, 84, 96
04-Orange 72, 84, 96