Carsonite AcoustaShield non-conductive sound barrier

AcoustaShield Utility Substation Perimeter Fencing

Carsonite AcoustaShield Sound Barrier

Carsonite AcoustaShield - non-conductive, composite safety fencing

Award-winning sound-mitigation barrier
Carsonite AcoustaShield™ composite sound barrier systems provide an effective, durable, safe and non-conductive noise-abatement solution at substations and along property adjacent to utility assets.

AcoustaShield sound walls are exceptionally lightweight compared to traditional alternatives. Remarkably, the AcoustaShield systems can be easily installed by a small crew without the use of heavy-lifting equipment.

12-inch and 6-inch high horizontal panel systems are available and each is easily customized to meet the unique design needs of most any installation. AcoustaShield sound barrier products provide proven performance and have addressed noise and safety concerns in countless communities across North America.

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  • Winner of Federal Highway Administration’s Environmental Award of Excellence for Innovation.
  • Meets or exceeds AASHTO and DOT sound wall guidelines.
  • Delivers remarkable decibel reduction per-square-foot per-dollar performance.
  • Lightweight composite material installs fast and easy compared to concrete, masonry, steel or aluminum.
  • Panels can be cut, modified in the field during installation.
  • Spans up to 24-feet between posts are available with the 12-inch high panel design. The 6-inch high design spans up to 18-feet between posts.
  • Durable engineered fiberglass composite construction is built to last up to 50 years. The material provides triple UV-protection (see illustration below), is rust-proof, and corrosion-resistant.
  • Non-conductive properties add a measure of safety.
  • Excellent freeze/thaw resistance, moisture resistance, and fire resistance.
  • Extremely low maintenance over the product life saves time, money.
  • In the event of vehicle impact or other damage, the panels are easy to repair or replace.
  • A variety of Federal Standard 595B-compliant colors and also RAL colors are available upon request.
AcoustaShield 12-inch high horizontal panels

AcoustaShield 12-inch high horizontal panels

AcoustaShield 6-inch high horizontal panels

AcoustaShield 6-inch high horizontal panels

AcoustaShield12-inch high horizontal panel system

AcoustaShield 12-inch high horizontal panels

Carsonite AcoustaShield cutaway illustration

Ideal for Utility Substations: Carsonite AcoustaShield sound barrier is precision-crafted for outstanding performance

A time-proven performer, Carsonite is a leader in developing composite sound barriers, delineators, and markers for the utility industry. Carsonite is part of Valmont Composite Structures. Valmont is a world leader in providing a variety of long-standing structures to transportation professionals, commercial property owners, municipalities, utilities, and more.

  • Safety - Non-conductive design is ideal for installation as perimeter fencing around utility substations to protect people and utility asssets.
  • Environmentally friendly - Winner of Federal Highway Administration’s Environmental Award of Excellence for Innovation.
  • Ease of installation - Our lightweight composite components save time, manpower, equipment, and money during installation.
  • Custom-fit adjustments in the field - AcoustaShield can be easily modified and cut during installation for quick on-site changes/adjustments.
  • Built to last - Fiberglass composite components will never rust and perform exceptionally well in in high-traffic environments found in busy metropolitan areas, humidity and salt-air environments along coastlines, and in cold, snowy environments where deicing agents are frequently used.
  • US designed and built - AcoustaShield is engineered and produced in Newberry, SC. The fence panels are manufactured from fiberglass reinforced thermoset material using a heated pultrusion process that delivers consistent quality and performance.
  • Proven performance - With thousands of miles of sound barrier installed, our composite fencing systems have been used for years around substations and along busy highways, railways, and other transportation corridors.
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