Carsonite model CRFE Retrofit Enhancer

Utility Retrofit Enhancer


Carsonite Retrofit Enhancer

Carsonite enhancer for existing round posts

The Retrofit Enhancer can be field installed to replace markers or update messages. This enhancer fits over any 3.5-inch post or can be attached to Carsonite’s VisiPost for field upgrades. Available in orange, yellow, red, and blue and in lengths of 18-inches and 24-inches. Add Carsonite’s direct graphics or decals.

Retrofit Enhancer - model CRFE - downloads:
CRFE catalog sheet
CRFE installation instructions

CRFE model standard colors and lengths

Post Color Standard Lengths (in.)
02-Yellow 18, 24
04-Orange 18, 24
05-Red 18, 24
08-Blue 18, 24