Carsonite highway marker accessories

Carsonite supplies a variety of highway accessories

Corrosion-free, lightweight, durable composite materials

Carsonite uses corrosion-free, lightweight, durable composite materials to produce its wide range of highway accessories that increase visibility and safety.

Carsonite Snowpoles flex when covered with snow and return to their original position without bowing or becoming brittle. These bright orange markers come in two styles for attachment to either Carsonite composite delineators or to two-pound U-Channel metal delineators. Reflective sheeting is available for a more visible nighttime target.

Guardrail delineators provide flexibility and impact resistance from wide loads, overhanging maintenance equipment, mowers, and more. The curved surface improves the visibility of the reflective sheeting and is manufactured with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting.

Also available from Carsonite are 360-degree visibility enhancers that require no digging to install, and guard post covers for loading docks, hazardous equipment, gas stations, etc.

Carsonite is a leading U.S. manufacturer of composite products for highway and work zone safety. Carsonite invented the flexible highway delineator post, and now offers drivable and surface-mounted delineators, the noise-reducing AcoustaShield, surface-mounted channelizers, and the Modular Guidance System for work zones, as well as mileposts, visibility enhancers, reflective sheeting, decals, signs, and other safety accessories. Carsonite is a brand of Valmont Composite Structures.