Carsonite utility markers withstand impacts, harsh weather

Utility markers withstand impacts, enhance utility safety

Permanent and temporary fiberglass composite markers

Carsonite provides a wide range of permanent and temporary fiberglass composite utility markers to satisfy every utility application. Carsonite markers - including Curve-Flex™, Tuff-Flex, Sentry™, and Survivor™ - are highly visible, corrosion resistant, fire retardant, and durable.

Curve-Flex is the most flexible of the Carsonite markers. The unique curve and flange profile, along with special fiberglass reinforced material, enables Curve-Flex to withstand direct tire impact and return to its original upright position. Curve-Flex may be used for single- or dual-sided identification for culverts, utility lines, fire hydrants, and electrical station outlets.

Tuff-Flex, the most economical of Carsonite’s post-style markers, can be driven into hard soils. A special design gives Tuff-flex the ability to bend, yet stay rigid enough to be manually driven into the toughest soil.

The Utility Sentry post provides 360-degree visibility for areas where vehicle impacts are likely. The sub-surface anchor enables quick removal and replacement, even in difficult soil conditions. Sentry is available in round or flat-top styles.

The Survivor™ features a metal U-channel anchor that drives into hardpan and rocky soils that other markers cannot penetrate. No pilot hole is required -- all that’s needed is a manual or power driver. The semi-circular shape withstands direct tire impact and cold weather conditions better than other plastic posts.

Carsonite is a leading U.S. manufacturer of composite products for highway and work zone safety. Carsonite invented the flexible highway delineator post, and now offers drivable and surface-mounted delineators, the noise-reducing AcoustaShield, surface-mounted channelizers, and the Modular Guidance System for work zones, as well as mileposts, visibility enhancers, reflective sheeting, decals, signs, and other safety accessories. Carsonite is a brand of Valmont Composite Structures.