QuickClick Signs added to Carsonite website

QuickClick Signs Added to Website For Online Purchase

OSHA-standard danger, notice, safety, and warning signs, plus parking lot and handicapped signs - all available for quick delivery

The Carsonite website has a new feature: signs for direct purchase. The company has made its sturdy, durable composite signs and decals available to everyone. The products are now available for direct purchase through an online ordering system. The choices include OSHA-mandated safety signs such as Warning, Safety, Notice, and Caution signs, plus a growing selection of parking lot related signs and decals and handicapped signs.

The shopping cart also includes signs and decals for managing traffic flow in a parking lot - "Wrong Way," "No Left Turn," and the like.

Carsonite outdoor-quality signs are available in 12x9, 12x18, and 18x24 (inch) sizes, with additional choices to be added. The signs are printed on state-of-the-art equipment using UV-resistive pigments and materials, and laminated for excellent weather resistance. The colors and designs conform to OSHA and ANSI specifications. Customers can still order custom signs tailored to their needs, including customer logos in color, by contacting customer service (800-648-7916 FREE).

The new online system promises shipment on the second working day from the day of the order (for orders received before noon Eastern Time). Production actually begins immediately, but the solvent-based pigments require a 24-hour curing time before being laminated and shipped.

Plans are to expand the product listings extensively, making many other sign and decal products available online, direct to customers.

Carsonite is a leading U.S. manufacturer of composite products for highway and work zone safety. Carsonite invented the flexible highway delineator post, and now offers drivable and surface-mounted delineators, the noise-reducing AcoustaShield, surface-mounted channelizers, and the Modular Guidance System for work zones, as well as mileposts, visibility enhancers, reflective sheeting, decals, signs, and other safety accessories. Carsonite is a brand of Valmont Composite Structures.